Friday, September 4, 2009

She's Writing Like a Fiend on the Wrong Book

I'm listening to nothing because she's watching Eureka on the SyFy channel.

My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, is doing something quite upsetting to me this weekend. It's a holiday weekend in your society and she's planning to spend it writing. While this should make me happy, it doesn't. She's participating in the 3-Day Novel Contest, which forces her to write a whole book this weekend. Unfortunately, the book she's decided to write has NOTHING to do with my lovely bride Chariss from the Choices trilogy.

She has just informed me that I should relax. It turns out that the novels created during this contest have to be submitted and then "ignored" while the contest judges read them. In the event Sandy's work gets selected for something, it can't be previously marketed somewhere. So she really can't prepare something from the Choices series or the world of Onweald.

All right then. I'll "relax," as she puts it, and plan what I'll be feeding her this weekend...

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