Thursday, November 5, 2009

She's Solving Your Holiday Bonus Issues

I'm listening to Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.

My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, is doing something quite clever in her efforts to spread my lovely bride's story all over the world. She's offering human resources departments a way to solve their holiday bonus woes this 2009 season. After a difficult year for many companies around the globe, presidents, CEOs, chief financial officers, etc., might be telling human resource directors that holiday bonuses will have to be scrapped. Rather than giving up on gifts entirely, Fantasy Author Sandy Lender suggests you send all your employees on an all-expenses-paid Christmas vacation, courtesy of her publisher and her. Here's how:

NAPLES, FL--ArcheBooks Publishing Author Sandy Lender suggests giving your employees a paid vacation for Christmas. For less than $30 each, you can send them on a fantasy journey courtesy of ArcheBooks Publishing and Author Sandy Lender because high-quality, hard-cover, first-edition, copies of Choices Meant for Kings are currently available for delivery.

This family-friendly tale of heroism, good-versus-evil, sweet romance and hope offers an ideal action adventure now that the Harry Potter series is complete. Lender's stories offer enjoyment for older teens as well as adults so the children your employees are encouraging to read will also benefit from your well-thought-out gift. Order before Thanksgiving and the author can provide autographed book plates to personalize each gift for free.

Visit the author's Web site for more information about Choices Meant for Kings or visit Amazon to order. Contact the author directly at sandy_lender at to request autographed book plates.

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