Sunday, October 5, 2008

She's Free

After 17 long months of waiting on "the other side" to get "their" act together, my fantasy author is finally free. Yes, she's single again. And she's very pleased with this.

Seventeen months ago, she filed for divorce from someone who is divorce-worthy. And that's all she's going to allow me to say about this person. (If you've been following the blog from home, you know I've wanted to run him through with a sword on more than one occasion. What!? It's my blog! I'm allowed commentary.)

Fine. She's told me to mind my manners.

The point of this post is to say that Fantasy Author Sandy Lender is rejoicing. She's keeping the pen name for pen name purposes, of course. You don't do several years of marketing, while you know you're getting your maiden name back, and then switch gears on everyone. Besides, the name "Lender" is in the middle of the alphabet and is more likely to get browsers at the book store. (See the pseudonym discussion that went on quite heavily during the entire month of June at Today the Dragon Wins. Several guest bloggers and visitors had interesting comments concerning last names.)

Now that Sandy is single again, there will be fewer manic visits to the attorney's office when "the other side" misses a deadline (oh, you have no idea...a divorce with no children and no assets doesn't go on for 17 months unless one side is actively insane...what!? I'm merely stating my opinion!) Fine. Once again, I'm stating here and now that I'm pleased to see my fantasy author freed up to write instead of flitting off to the attorney's office. She's free to buy paper and toner cartridges because the "other side's" $4,000+ overdue bill is NOT landing in her lap after all. She's free to date a guy if she decides we're worth the time (although, I should warn all members of my sex that she keeps swords and a short temper these days...and she does write about ways to kill sorcerers with or without magic...)

That's my subtle way of suggesting everyone stay clear and let her write.

Congratulations are in order!
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Laura M. Crawford said...

Congratulations and when I come back to Florida this spring, I will bring you champagne!! QH and I would love to celebrate with you, and only you, and take you anywhere you want to go for dinner. I promise!!

Of course by that time, we should both be on the NY Times bestseller list and be well on our way to Oprah!! And Nigel, keep an eye on my dear friend and protect her, and keep her well until we see her again, please??

I'm so happy for you and I will pray the radiation treatments will go fast and be successful. Hugs to you from Minnesota!!

Laura :)

P.S. I went to work with QH on Friday and we drove right through Laura Ingalls Wilder country, (Mankato), and it was GORGEOUS!! The trees are nearing peak color and there near the river, it was so beautiful. We plan to take a ride this weekend, so I will send you pics if we go by there or Walnut Grove again. You seriously need to come up for a visit next fall. I'll buy you the plane ticket. Then we can go visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and such. After all you've been through, you need a vacation! ;)

Nigel said...

Sandy's looking forward to your visit in the spring. She says "you're on, girlfriend," which I believe means she accepts your invitation to hang out. She's also looking forward to pictures from your drive.

In other news, she's still waiting for Oprah's call. And she's finally explained to me who Oprah is. Interesting...

All my best,

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