Sunday, April 26, 2009

She's Being Smug With Me

We're listening to Mandy by Barry Manilow.

My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, says this song has more meaning for me than I realize. It is quite lovely, but I don't believe, as a man, I should admit that openly in your society.

So let us begin the blog post.

My purpose today is to tell you should be reading about my bride-to-be, Amanda Chariss, in the Choices trilogy. She's just great, you know. You can pick up the full-length novel, Choices Meant for Gods at the Publisher's site, or on Amazon, or at your local bookstore. Or you can pick up this nice little chapbook titled What Choices We Made that has a short story about Amanda as a child. Oh, sorry, Chariss, as a child. (I still use the name I prefer for her despite Sandy's constant badgering...)

The next installment in the trilogy is due out soon. Choices Meant for Kings gives you more of Mandy's story and the...wait a that why the song's important? Now Sandy's giving me that smug smile of hers.

All my best to you readers.
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