Thursday, August 9, 2007

She Chased this Lizard Around

You readers out there really have to help me get the word out about Sandy's book so more people buy it so she can start earning big royalty checks or something. Somehow, we've got to get her moved out of the swamp. Today, she opens the front door, steps back to wait for whatever might be lurking to show itself (and, yes, things do actually "show themselves" sometimes when she opens the front door - remember the wolf spiders out here?), and fixes her attention on this small black streak at the floor. Sure enough - lizard. This tiny black lizard darted in.

So she set all her stuff down and chased the lizard around the living room until she caught him and tossed him out into the swamp. What I found most amusing about the scene was the sigh of resignation as she set all her stuff on the couch. It was a very small lizard so she feared bruising his body when she picked him up. My suggestion that she just grab his tail got me a lecture on how stressed-out lizards drop their tails and thus lose their fat stores and have to expend energy regrowing the tail, so she didn't want to risk picking him up by his tail, either.

Ridiculous, if you ask me. The poor thing is probably still sitting under a rock in shock anyway...

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