Monday, August 27, 2007

She's Cured me of Sleeping on Her Couch

I was jarred awake by the ear-splitting screech of the spider scream this morning. Just because I know what the particular pitch of that scream indicates doesn't make it any easier to be ripped from deep sleep with. It was a particularly large wolf spider. And my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, was particularly close to it when she noticed it. Hence the healthy-lung volume...

So now she has a dilemma. See, the carcass is curled up, still wet with bug her shower. This amuses me because she has this "thing" about leaving the carcasses for at least 24 hours (yes, she's OCD) to be sure it's completely dead before she gathers it up and throws it in the trash. But she can't use the shower until she gets rid of this thing. I've already suggested she use the guest shower, where her former significant other used to bathe, but she wrinkled her nose up at that. And she can't just rinse this thing down the drain. (I'm sure I've mentioned that the wolf spiders out here in the swamp get quite large? Oh, and she's adding in that this thing is enormous.)

Anyway, she's figuring out what to do with the body and I'm figuring out where I'll sleep from now on that won't be within scream-range. My nerves are shot for the day.

And speaking of the day, I'll be spending it coming up with marketing ideas for her DragonCon expedition at the end of the week. Those of you attending can meet her at the Dealer Room just about any time of day. She'll be pretty much chained to a table there pushing the fantasy novel, Choices Meant for Gods. If you're not attending, you can pick up the book at Amazon, where they're running low of copies at the moment, or at her publisher's site at

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Jen said...

They're running low on copies at Amazon? That's good, right?

Nigel said...

Good morning, Jen.
Running low of copies at Amazon is a good thing because it means they've sold down their stock. They're ordering more. And while Sandy recognizes all these things are positives, she can stress out about anything given at least 10 or 12 seconds to think about it. She's decided that people she gives promotional materials to at DragonCon this weekend will go to Amazon, see that there aren't enough copies to support everyone buying a copy, and will decide NOT to buy one. I don't understand the logic. It makes no sense to me.

Give my best to Kiernan.
I hope you're doing well.
Nigel Taiman

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