Thursday, April 3, 2008

She Reviews Ladies of Class

My Fantasy Author Reviews Ladies of Class by Marjorie Owen
(interview with daughter and editor Dee Owen here tomorrow)

Ladies of Class is a fantastic read! Ms. Owen catches your attention right up front with the surprise announcement of the well-loved Laura Clayton's impending murder and speeds you from clue to clue with her clever and likeable Detective Chief Inspector Richard Hayward. He's new to the quaint English town so we get to learn all the peculiarities of the place right alongside him as he tries to figure out why Laura, and two old friends from a finishing school in pre-war Leveisin, France, would be murdered within days of one another.

The wonderful thing about this mystery is that the information comes at you at the perfect pace, presented in a manner that keeps you guessing what's next. You don't lose track of what's already been revealed because the elements build so fluidly on each other. Ms. Owen has an excellent style for storytelling and even had me laughing out loud at some of the twists her inspector got to watch.

If you're looking for a good, clean mystery to absorb you for an afternoon, I recommend Ladies of Class by Marjorie Owen. It's available from Vintage Romance Publishing, although it's very much a mystery tale with all the page-turning elements of a detective story. You can order your copy from

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