Thursday, April 3, 2008

She's Pissed At Blogger

My Fantasy Author, Sandy Lender, is not just pissed off...she's ready to take down the Blogger empire. Without her blog, she's not able to market efficiently (wait...what am I here for?), so when Blogger's "robots" (their terminology, not mine; Sandy had to explain to me what a robot is in between swear words that I'm not allowed to use here) sent a message saying her blog at had characteristics of a spam blog, she was irate. She figures it's probably because she works the title of her fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods into almost every blog post one way or another (that's called "marketing," folks, and she's got a career in journalism and public relations that taught her how to do it tactfully) and then includes it in the search engine tags.

Because she posts to every single day (well, she missed Sunday due to "too much going on in my insane life!"), that's at least two or three instances of Choices Meant for Gods hitting the search engines every single day. Blogger must have flipped out.

Or her soon-to-be-ex is a bigger @$$ than we thought and he sent a note to Blogger telling them to check it out. If so, she'll be bringing it up in court so he can be penalized for affecting her ability to make money from the sales of her novel. She's no fool. (She's also paranoid. Did you know she owns a book called Only the Paranoid Survive?)

The reason this is obnoxious this week is because Sandy wished to help a fellow author who's doing a small book tour to celebrate the release of a mystery novel. The novel is Ladies of Class by the late Marjorie Owen; the editor is Dee Owen. Dee is scheduled to be at tomorrow, Friday, April 4, and Sandy is considering whether to assess Blogger with fines for the sales Dee will lose in lost traffic due to the delay in posting because of the block while they (I can't use that word, Dearest)...ahem...while they screw around figuring out that is NOT a spam blog, but a site for writers and readers to get writing, editing, grammar, promotion, inspiration, and publication tips.

In the meantime, I'll be taking on the next two days of Dee Owen and Ladies of Class posts. They'll appear at Today the Dragon Wins as soon as Blogger finishes reviewing the site, which should be any day now, but Sandy didn't want Dee to miss her days on her tour... Sandy did a two-month book tour last summer, you know, and it was quite deflating when someone would drop the ball.

The post above should be Sandy's review of Ladies of Class by Marjorie Owen. Come back tomorrow, Friday, April 4, for an interview with Editor and Daughter, Dee Owen.

Have a fabulous Thursday.
Nigel Taiman
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Pat Cochran said...

Hello, Nigel,

How sweet of you to allow Sandy
the use of your blog site during
her troubled times! Sandy, I'm
so sorry you have run afoul of the
blog police! Shame on them! May
they be alloted much time in the
infernal regions!! Just wanted to
take a few minutes to commiserate
with you and send along my wishes
for a very minimal time in the
timeout chair!

Pat Cochran

Nigel said...

Hi, Pat.
I'm looking forward to her blog being returned to her. She's taken over mine! Next thing you know she'll be posting writing tips here...

But thank you for your kind words. I try to be nice to her...

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