Thursday, October 1, 2009

She's "Nudged" Me to Market

I'm listening to Beautiful Thieves by AFI.

So my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, suggested I post something here to let everyone know I'm not ignoring her. Apparently, she's been talking about me (and this blog). She had a radio interview Tuesday, which aired again very early this morning. Then there's a guest blog post at LASR all day today that mentions me and this site. Last weekend she had an interview at Helen's Heroes that mentioned me ad nauseum. I keep telling her that her focus should be on Chariss...and, of course, finishing Chariss's story.

We're a bit sidetracked this week because Sandy's sitting around feeling sorry for herself. She had a couple of basal skin cell carcinomas removed from her shoulder and arm yesterday, and the pain set in during the night. (She can really be pathetic when she starts that moaning...oh...wait...sure enough...she's censoring this.)

As it turns out, she's not feeling sorry for herself; she's merely being cautious so as not to pull her stitches out. (Personally, I think she's sitting around feeling sorry for herself. I should probably fix her a piece of cake or something to be nice.)

Everyone have a lovely day and check out TodayTheDragonWins for some not-Chariss's-story contest she's holding. (Oh, more censorship: she says she can hold contests that aren't focused on the Choices trilogy and still work on the Choices trilogy.)

All my best,
Nigel Taiman
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