Wednesday, September 5, 2007

She's Back

And still crazy. As you can see, my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, had a great time at DragonCon over Labor Day weekend. She met this thing called the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster (or at least someone dressed as it). She tried explaining it to me, and I was so distracted by the people walking around in their undergarments that I just couldn't grasp all the details of the Spaghetti Monster religion, so I can't really explain it here. But I understand you can search for it in Google and get quite an education...

Anyway, Sandy is back home, as am I, and she's back to work at her day job where they're frantically trying to send five magazines to the printer over the next couple of weeks. It looks insane to me and I've recommended she quit and just work on the new magazine she and some of her colleagues are starting. Seems there's something comforting about having an income and buying food that she'd rather not let go of...And that's the writer's life for today.

I'll put together something lovely to tell you all about DragonCon, because it really was an interesting experience. The parade was surreal. We have pictures that Sandy is sending with her article to that you'll be able to see at some point later today. The administrators there will have that live shortly. She doesn't mention much about the book sales because they were fairly slow. When you're stuck in the back corner of the basement of the hotel where none of the celebrities are selling a $25 hardback book that no one's ever heard of, moving half a dozen is something to cheer over. Now everyone who didn't elect to lug it back in their suitcase will have to pay the cover price over at least they won't have to pay shipping.

All my best, everyone.

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