Monday, September 17, 2007

She's Not Well

I know that headline sounds like I'm getting ready to mock my little fantasy author, Sandy Lender, but I'm actually just preparing to share with you a day in the life of a fantasy writer. She awoke in pain today and is still typing away like a good little writer thirteen hours later. (No, that doesn't sound like a martyr, dear; that sounds like an idiot. Yes, neither is appealing.)

Turns out she has an infection that is in her kidney. She at least had the sense to go to a doctor to learn this. What surprises me is that she lied to the doctor to stay out of a hospital. So I'm in charge of watching for the symptoms that she promised she'd go back to the doctor with if she noticed them. (Why do I get the impression you'll lie to me as well?) I'm getting one of those wan smiles that means I'm being deceived. The good news is she's got medication to solve the problem. (Oh, and I have something to blog about. Nice.)

The point of this is that writers don't get to take a break because they feel "icky." If you wish to become financially solvent, you have to suck it up and finish the projects you've begun or find a different career. As her old band instructor used to say (what's a band instructor?), "no pain, no gain." He also said, "no guts, no glory." And those little truisms have taken my fantasy author far in life. (Personally, I think they should take her to bed to get some sleep, but there are two important projects to complete this evening.)

And that's a day in the life of a writer. Aren't you glad you stopped in? If you'd like to support the "becoming financially solvent" concept for fantasy author Sandy Lender, you can pick up a copy of the well-reviewed epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods before the sequel hits the streets. It's available at your local book store, where you'll probably have to request/order it, and at the usual online locations. Visit where you get a discount when you order both Choices Meant for Gods and Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews.

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