Thursday, October 11, 2007

She's Mad Now

Doesn't my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, look nice and pleasant in this picture? Well...looks can be deceiving.

She's mad now. In fact, I think I might just step out of the way and watch what happens. You see, this blog about the life of an author is supposed to market the epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods (and the upcoming sequel) and tell you about the author's life...sort of a "glimpse into a writer's life." Folks...the writer's life is in turmoil at the moment and she's not happy about it. Mostly, she's mad at herself for not planning to be miserable...she thinks she should have realized that financial hell was descending upon her and that all men abandon you in the end. I'm aware of her financial difficulties but I'm not so sure I agree that all of my half of the species is so bad... (Oh, nice, I'm not a real man!? What the deuce does THAT mean?) (In the alarming and confusing statement of the day: Sandy says I'm fabulous because I'm not real and that's one of the reasons she didn't kill me off in Book I of the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy. What on earth...)

So while she looks happy in the photo taken at her first book signing (above), you have to keep in mind that the picture was taken back in June. June 9, if I have the date right. This is October. October 11. And she's mad at several people who are going to get their butts kicked into November. And when she catches up to them next month, she just might kick their butts into December. (Funny. She wants to know if she has to pay rent on the condo if she kicks the landlord far enough into the future... That's my girl: always thinking.)

To assist her in calming down, because I think her blood pressure will have to return to normal soon or there'll be a stroke or other cardiac event taking place, those of you reading the blog could get a copy of her fantasy novel and tell her how much you enjoy it. It's available at Barnes & Noble (the store in the picture above), Borders, etc. But you can also order it online. Check out to get it before they run out. There are only five copies left at the moment. (free shipping)

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