Wednesday, October 10, 2007

She's Fit to be Tied

First of all, it's been so long since I sat down to work on marketing with my fantasy author that I had trouble remembering the address and password for this blog. Sandy Lender suggested I begin this post with the book cover just to remind everyone that, yes, there is a fabulous epic fantasy novel called Choices Meant for Gods that she's trying to get people to purchase and read and fall in love with.

And then she walked away in a sort of daze. Or rage. One of the two. She's currently in the midst of a divorce, a move, a foreclosure, and probably about to commit homicide...none of these things seem pleasant when taken alone. I think people in your society require alcohol to handle them en masse. Oh, she's just walked through stating the electric company is getting firebombed before the week's out. Interesting...

So we're taking a poll here at Nigel Presents Sandy Lender. You see, she's upset over the amount of money she paid for her first month's rent at the condo she's moving into, yet she wasn't able to use the toilet at said condo until last night (yes, that would be the 9th day of the month) because it was out of order and she still isn't able to use the kitchen faucet at said condo because it's still out of order. She's also become irritated because she's spending more time scrubbing mold out of the refrigerator and off the blinds and vacuuming up beds of cat hair than she's spending unpacking her belongings.

So here's the poll question:
If you were moving into an apartment/condominium and the landlord had left the place in a shambles, would you request he pro-rate the second month's rent based upon the number of days the place was unlivable during the first month? Yes or no?

It comes out to $29 a day, which, in your society, starts to add up. (Yes, yes, I already mentioned the electric company.) Oh. The $29 a day really starts to add up when the landlord screws up and has the electricity disconnected instead of switched to your name so you have to pay a $220 security deposit in addition to a $15 connection fee to open a new account. (And that's the need for firebombing? I understand now. Do you want me to just go down there with a sword, dearest?)

And that's today in the life of a fantasy writer. If you'd like to help the starving artist pay next month's rent, you can pick up a copy of her novel online at The direct link is You'll love the story!

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Jen said...

Heck yeah, I'd have the landlord prorate it! And charge him for the cleaning supplies.

Do you need or want Kiernan or Devon to go down to that electric company with you? They're both looking for someting to do since their stories are done. They're not used to sitting around doing nothing.

Nigel said...

I think the three of us could go down there and raid the place. Would Kiernan and Devon be interested in taking out the landlord as well? There are a few other people I'm adding to the list (I believe Sandy calls this "taking names") of people who need to pay for the box of tissues I had to watch her go through last night. I'm not a happy lad today. Someone has to get a sword through them over this.

All my best to you,

Jen said...

Like I said, they're looking for something to do. Make a list, divide it by three, and you can all have some "fun."

Nigel said...

We can divide by four. I believe the lovely Laura from the Great White North has just joined us. Sandy is laughing hysterically over it, too, which is good to see. If she's laughing hysterically, she can't wield a weapon. (Safer.)

All my best to you, Jen.

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