Wednesday, October 24, 2007

She's Dangerous With Swords

For you to properly appreciate this, let me set the scene. My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, has a friend installing a new faucet on her kitchen sink this morning while she's at work. Apparently, the landlord will never get around to this, and because Sandy's been living in the apartment since early October, the lack of a functioning kitchen has driven her almost to the point of insanity. So the friend is hooking up pipes and whatever else your society requires to get water from one point to another when, lo and behold, the need for different pipe arises. Friend A goes to Home Depot. Friend A returns. Friend A is on the phone with Sandy when it occurs to the friend that the back door of the apartment is wide open. And that just shouldn't be so.

Now, because I follow Sandy around when I think she needs inspiration, I wasn't at the apartment to watch for intruders, but now I'm starting to think I should spend a little time there during the day...watching...and perhaps warning would-be burglars that my fantasy author is having a particularly fussy autumn. And she owns sharp weapons that she would just love to stab someone with. It would be in all intruders' best interests to select other homes to break into. She's pretty miffed at the moment. The good news: the computer containing Books II and III of the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy in their various stages of development is still in its place. Friend A returned to the apartment apparently in plenty of time to scare off the perpetrator before he or she could remove anything from out in the open. Sandy will have to check on jewelry (oh...why don't you own any jewelry?) or whatever might be stashed in the apartment when she gets there tonight.

She's ready to call up Comcast and rip them a new one because they had their service technicians in her home setting up her internet connection yesterday...kasing? What's kasing? Oh. Casing the joint, she says.

The time for Book II of the Choices trilogy to go to the publisher draws near so I recommend getting your copy of Book I, Choices Meant for Gods, so you have plenty of time to read it and fall in love with my bride, the heroine, Amanda Chariss. Amanda would also deal with the intruders with something sharp and pointy. "Stab now, ask questions later," I believe is the appropriate phrase. If you'd like to read some reviews, has a few, but the majority are at

You can also order the book at both of those sites, but you get free shipping at the Amazon site. You can also order direct from the publisher at


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