Friday, November 23, 2007

She Wants to Buy a Bookshelf

Now, something like buying a bookshelf should be easy, shouldn't it? In my society, we build such things, usually into the walls. In your society, you get in a car and go to a store where the stand-alone structure is in a large, heavy box (note the word "heavy" in this sentence because it's going to come into play in just a moment) that you purchase, load into your car, and bring back to your home. My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, intends to do this exercise this afternoon.

Please note that this is the day after Thanksgiving and she's been educating me about the perils of entering a store of any kind on this day. Supposedly it's akin to going to war. But she gets on these quests... She wishes to organize her den somewhat before starting her new job Monday, and because she's going to be working at the Naples Renaissance Art Fall Festival all day tomorrow and Sunday, she feels that she either purchases a bookshelf and organizes the den today or the Earth will stop spinning on its axis and you'll all be flung into space. (OW! That was uncalled for. )

Sandy would like to express that she is not obsessive compulsive (even though she is) and that the continuance of life on this planet is not incumbent on her organizing her den today. She just wishes to get this done because she's been fretting about it for quite some time.

And that, my friends, is today in a writer's life. What's going to be insane is when she gets fussy with me and sends me away, and has to open the box from the store in the back of her car and carry each piece of the shelving unit into the apartment individually because it's too heavy for her to lift all at once by herself. See, if she'd just settle down and let me help...

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