Saturday, November 24, 2007

She Sold All of Two Books Today

Now, as my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, puts it, selling two books in a day is better than selling NO books. She points out that two more people in the world are being introduced to my bride, which is great, if you think about it. But this isn't the way to replace J.K. Rowling as entertainer of the year in 2020. That must be a goal.

Oh, pardon me. The Mayan calendar states the world is ending Dec. 21, 2012, so Fantasy Author Sandy Lender only has a few years left to take over the planet as the leading fantasy author.

Anyway, the point of this post was to show that today in the life of an author/writer, Sandy stood at an art festival under a tent with several other writers, distributing information about the Naples Press Club and hearing "no" whenever she asked, "Are you a reader of fantasy?" or "Do you read fantasy?" or "Do you like Harry Potter?" etc. I suggested that tomorrow she ask people, "Do your grandchildren read books?" and go from there. That's going to be the only angle she can work with this particular crowd. I've also suggested that she dress like a fantasy author and carry the sword to get more attention. Now, you know it's bad if I'm suggesting she wear the sword...

If you'd like to check out her fantasy novel, Choices Meant for Gods, there are glowing reviews and information, including a synopsis, at her amazon page. All you have to do is hit Amazon and look up the book title when you're ordering your other gifts this season! And if your grandchildren read fantasy, you'll instantly have a hit... ;)

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