Sunday, December 2, 2007

She's Staying Busy

While she goes out to the swamp to see if the sheriff has blocked access to her house yet, I'm going to fill you in on my fantasy writer's weekend. I keep thinking that she should get some sort of notification when the locks get changed on her home, but she says nothing else in this process has gone smoothly, why should the "final foreclosing" be any different. Because I'm not from this society, and I have no experience with such things, I can't argue. It doesn't appear that things have been done according to your laws so far, though. It's a pity she doesn't have the funds to start suing these institutions for mental anguish...

The point of today's post, this weekend in a writer's life: my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, got to attend a writers' meeting yesterday afternoon, and then went up to St. Petersburg to visit a friend who was in town for a conference.

It sounds so much less exciting when I spell it out like that. She had a nice time and got back home by 10 p.m. At the writers' meeting, one of the people who has read Choices Meant for Gods suggested in a rather pointed manner to her publisher (who was also in attendance) that he get her second book out. That process is more complex at the moment than one might guess. Of course, I'll get to break the news here as soon as there is news to break.

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