Monday, January 14, 2008

She Has to Trade the Car In

My fantasy author found a spider egg sack.
In the car.
Now, because she's just absolutely insane when it comes to this spider business, I can't laugh at this (much), but when she touched it (because she thought it might be a worm of some sort...and I don't understand that...), it moved and tiny baby spiders erupted from it. She let out a sound that I don't ever want to hear again.

Needless to say, the car will smell like Raid for a month.

She is actually considering trading in the car. I don't see how she can afford to do this with the foreclosure taking place, but she's persistent, you know. Oh, and she's also fussy. She's informed me that I can't talk about spiders anymore. We'll have a new topic tomorrow. (And, really, she has so many neuroses to choose from...)



Tina Murray said...

Perhaps that is what she should do, Nigel, if possible. If it makes her that nuts...

Ann M. said...

Hey.. I wouldn't want a spider in my car either. Don't know if I'd try Raid.

OH.. and Aloha from AuthorIsland. :)

Ann M.

Nigel said...

Tina, my dear! It's lovely to hear from you again. Yes, she needs to get rid of the car rather than do a walk-around with a can of Raid every time she wants to drive somewhere. It's bordering on neurotic at this point. She's decided that the babies that got away are going to grow (without a food source, of course) and come after her seeking vengeance for their murdered siblings.

I think she might be crazy, and I want to stop the downward spiral so she can finish editing the final book in my bride's story before she completely loses her hold on reality.

Do you have a "go" date for when A Chance to Say Yes will hit the shelves? Sandy and I want a copy for you to autograph, you know.

All my best,

Sandy Lender said...

Nigel, I swear...

Laura M. Crawford said...

Thanks, Nigel! I'm glad it's -30 degrees here in Minnesota because that kills everything--especially spiders! Trading the car in is better than driving around in the fumes of the Raid can. Maybe she could get a professional exterminator to go through the car and make sure there isn't any more "surprises". In the meantime, I'm going to try to purge that image out of my mind so I can eat dinner later. Love to you Sandy!

Laura :)

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