Saturday, January 19, 2008

She'll Accept Her $800 Tax Rebate

My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, has reason to desire financial stability. She's asked me not to go into detail because it bores people (and gets her riled up... ) and really is better resolved in divorce court, foreclosure proceedings, and bankruptcy court. (2008 is going to be a rough year. )

Anyway. She's excited by the prospect of receiving an $800 tax rebate through President Bush's short-term economic-stimulus plan. She heard rumblings and rumors about it and, true to form, came home to do some research on the Internet. What she found got her riled up... It appears there are people moaning and complaining about getting free money because they think it has a second purpose of placating them during an election year. There are other people complaining because people on Social Security (and being from another society, I'm not entirely sure what that is, and Sandy tells me I'll never know because by the time she's old enough to collect the money she's socked into it throughout her career, there'll be nothing for her to collect) and people who haven't paid taxes won't receive a tax rebate with the current language of the proposal.

Now, if you ask me, it sounds as if a "rebate" is supposed to be a "repayment" or a "return" of money. So if you didn't pay money into a system, why should money be given back to you? It sounds to me as if the short-term economic stimulus plan merely needs another arm added to it through which monies can be distributed to those on Social Security and those who are seeking employment. If the point is to help the average person afford gas for his car and feed for his livestock and (what? most don't? really? ) -- Let me start again. If the point is to help the average person afford gas for his car and clothes for his children (or grandchildren) to wear to school, then adapting the plan to include additional people sounds wise.

In the meantime, why are people begrudging those who are in line to receive a break? From what I understand, there are various groups within this society who receive special considerations for employment because some employers must maintain quotas. Elderly people within this society receive special discounts on certain days of the week at some pharmacies, department stores, and restaurants because they're elderly. Schools grant some children permission to have additional time to prepare homework assignments in study halls instead of participating in certain classes due to religious differences. All of these things, and other examples you could come up with, are societal ideas that no one should begrudge these group members. Now when taxpayers, who work 40+ hours a week just to see a third to half of their paychecks taken by federal and state taxes, FICA, health insurance that employers no longer feel obligated to cover as a benefit of employment, etc., get a break, why are people complaining?

I say sit back and accept the gift. And if you're not one of the taxpayers, suggest to your local elected officials a way to be a part of the economic stimulus plan. Maybe they can do something locally, regionally, or even nationally to get money in every citizen's pocket.

And then some Democrat can stand up and complain about how much more expensive the plan is when you include everyone that way.

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