Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She's Being Demanding

I'm listening to Cuts You Up by Peter Murphy.

My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, called out to me this afternoon. Something in her voice made me think I was in trouble. You know how your mother would use your full name at a high level to indicate she knew you'd done something very wrong and intended to punish you for it? Sandy didn't use my full name, but she had that "tone." So I peeked into her den a little hesitantly. It seems I've been neglecting my "duties" in the marketing department.

For pity's sake. Do you visitors have any clue how much work I put into finding avenues for her to advertise in? Do you know how much information I had to gather and type for her new website? Do you know how much energy I expend "surfing" the blasted Internet to find social networks for her to join? Do you know how many of these blasted profiles I've put together for her? Or how many times I've typed her bio? I'm sick and tired of writing about her first story about mice picking berries, I can tell you that much...I've got her on FiledBy, GoodReads, Facebook, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, LinkedIn, SuspenseMagazine, BookHitch, Twitter, AuthorIsland, MySpace, BookTour, Gather, Technorati, RedRoom...

Oh, look, she's brought me cake.

She's quite charming when she wants to be...

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