Monday, February 19, 2007

Introducing Sandy Lender

This evening I have the honor of introducing my author and the author of Choices Meant for Gods, Sandy Lender. She’s particular about how much personal information we share here, and I intend to keep her in good spirits as she works on the vital scenes that complete the Choices trilogy—vital in that they concern my bride.

You’ll be able to read Sandy’s bio... (Let me make sure that’s what the paragraph is called.)

You’ll be able to read Sandy’s bio on the dust jacket (It’s called a jacket? Like a coat?). This is insane.

You’ll be able to read Sandy’s bio on the dust jacket of Choices Meant for Gods, but, to save you from waiting until March or April for the release date, let me tell you a little about her. First, she started writing in first grade when her class put together a newspaper for the students’ parents. Then she wrote stories that her great grandmother, to whom Choices Meant for Gods is dedicated, used to share around the apartment community in which she lived. (What’s wrong with that language? I’m to run the school at Arcana; I’m supposed to write fluently.) These days, Sandy has a propensity for reading over her characters’ shoulders and interrupting them when they’re trying to promote her and her book.

Perhaps I’ll write more when she’s not antagonizing me.

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