Sunday, February 25, 2007

She Went to a Writing Conference

Sandy went to the Naples Press Club’s Writer’s Conference today to help her publisher move books. I’m pretty sure that’s another way of saying she was helping him sell books. Choices Meant for Gods won’t be out until March or April so she was disappointed to be going when she left, but she came back all excited because the conference was so productive. A few books “moved,” and she met up with old friends. Better than that, she networked.

For someone from another society, as I am, it’s difficult to understand all of this, but she explained that the Naples Press Club offers her opportunities to network with other members of the media in this part of Florida, and, at this particular annual conference, offers her the chance to sit around talking about all-things-writing with other writers and authors. (Don’t ask me what the difference is. I didn’t get to interrupt her long enough to get that question in. )

So Sandy is back but she’s organizing her notes from all the networking.

And I’ll write again tomorrow about my crazy author.

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