Tuesday, February 27, 2007

She Doesn't Watch TV

One of the things I’m thankful for about Sandy Lender is that she doesn’t watch television. Since I show up and make demands of her for Choices Meant for Gods, I can typically find her at her computer (or at least near one of her notebooks with a pen either in her hand or nearby) and willing to jot down whatever I’m saying to her. But there’s someone in her household that goes into the living room (you people don’t call it a parlor or a sitting room in this society) and turns on the device that brings stories to life on the screen in there. Years ago, Sandy told me it was a television, and then she crinkled up her nose as if it was something disgusting. The only time I find her in front of it is when a show called Stargate is on. And then I have a devil of a time getting her to write anything down. I have to wait for “a commercial break”.

From time to time, though, she’ll say there’s something special “on TV” and I’ll have to fight to get her attention away from it. Sporting events tend to fall into the category of special. I will assume you all know what a World Series is. She seemed ecstatic over the fact that the St. Louis Cardinals (I’ve just been informed that everyone is a St. Louis Cardinals fan because of something called K M O X and its far-reaching signal during the 1900s. I have no idea what any of that means.) went through the playoffs and over the World Series. (Forgive me.) They went to the playoffs and won the World Series.

Then she had to watch something called the Superbowl, also a sporting event, because some king’s son played in the middle of it. Then there was an award show for grandmothers that she had to watch because a variety of musical artists were playing. She’s very fond of the musical artists.

But that’s the extent of her television viewing. And I’m thankful. She has enough distractions in her life without the TV taking her from the end of my bride’s story.

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