Thursday, February 22, 2007

More on Obsessions

In my last entry, I said that one of Sandy’s obsessions is writing. I may have understated that.

Sandy Lender currently has the novel Choices Meant for Gods at the publisher/in production set to be released this spring, but that’s not her only work. The second book in that trilogy is complete. The third book is nearing completion.

She’s already completed a paranormal romance novel. That stunned me. As one of her best characters, I nearly came unglued when she spent almost two weeks writing the thing and ignoring my bride’s story. But she told me I could pretend the two main characters were Amanda and myself… I still wasn’t pleased, but I at least read over her shoulder with a little more interest.

She’s also working on a vampire trilogy that, again, she told me to pretend featured Amanda and me. It doesn’t. She’s merely trying to placate me. Once I figured out what a vampire was, I was offended. Amanda might tolerate dragons, but I don’t think she’d tolerate vampires...

Sandy also has a speculative fiction/thriller serial novel that she’s posting online at as she composes it. I only allow this travesty because… (What? It is a travesty because it’s not my bride’s story at all.) I only allow this travesty because it keeps her happy and she’s building an audience to read my bride’s story in Choices Meant for Gods.

But one of the two works she has in progress that I am delighted with is the prequel to Choices Meant for Gods. The prequel includes some history and information about my family, but the bulk of it concerns Amanda’s family. It details the history of Amanda’s most important ancestor. I’ve never seen a story so moving in my life—well—other than Amanda’s story, of course. The other work in progress that I’m pleased with is a collection of short stories that she’ll never get anyone to publish because no one publishes short story collections…and that’s a shame. It’s a collection of stories from the continent of Onweald and the histories/pasts of some of the characters who appear in the Choices trilogy. There’s a particularly randy story from my past in there that I’m trying to convince her to leave out. It’s not something Amanda needs to see…

There are probably other works in progress that I don’t know about, but it’s difficult for Sandy to hide things from me these days. I’m in her head.

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