Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some of Sandy's Obsessions

Sandy said I could share the fact that she has a few obsessions in her life. This will give visitors and potential readers of Choices Meant for Gods a view of her as an author because her obsessions help define her as a person. This is something I can relate to.

First, Sandy is a writer. She keeps notebooks of various sizes everywhere with at least one pen beside each one. The bedside table has one notebook with two pens, just in case I wake her in the middle of the night (I think I admitted in the last entry that I’m the character most often guilty of waking her with story ideas and dialogue). She has a small notebook for her purse, a small notebook in her car with several pens (the kind that write when you click the end—because she doesn’t want the distraction of removing a pen cap while driving), a warped notebook by the bathing tub, and then a plethora of notebooks in the writing den. That room…

Part of the obsession with writing includes spending hours at the computer. And hovering when I’m typing…

Second, Sandy is a Duran Duran fan. I can’t even begin to express… Some of the best moments in her life have been meeting a particular band member. You’ll have to ask her about it through the comments section here because I don’t understand how you can be that obsessed with someone you rarely see. I recognize that I’m obsessed with Amanda Chariss, but, that’s different.

Third, Sandy loves turtles. She has kept them as pets. She also volunteers with Turtle Time, which is a group that helps track sea turtles and works toward their conservation. One of the greatest moments of her life was saving a baby that had strayed from its nest when it became disoriented by condominium lights along the beach. The turtle had ended up on a basketball court across a street from the beach, dehydrated and exhausted. She has a poem about it somewhere, but she promises not to regale you with it. (She says, “Dangit, Nigel, I’m a novelist, not a poet.” Why is she laughing about that?)

It’s her love of turtles that began the fascination with reptiles and dragons. She used to have a pet bearded dragon (whatever that is) and wishes to get another some day when things in her personal life settle down. I’m not sure where one goes to get dragons in this society as everything I’ve seen suggests people don’t believe they actually exist. Well…aren’t you all in for a surprise having me around?

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