Monday, February 18, 2008

She Hasn't Repressed This One, Careless Memory #6

A Glimpse Into a Writer's Life
We're continuing this series from back in August! Looks like I let it fall to the wayside, but Sandy suggested I pick it back up because her dwindling box of Godiva chocolates from Valentine's Day triggered a memory she wanted me to share with all of you. And this is a bizarre one.

My fantasy author, Sandy Lender, once worked with a horrible person (I'm only allowed to give the initials: A.F.) who used to be way too obsessed with food. This individual would stand behind/over the graphic artists at the workplace and, while barking orders about the advertisements and catalogs they were creating on the computer screens before them, eat crackers, cookies, chips or whatever else she had stockpiled in her office, and let the crumbs fall into their hair and onto their shoulders, etc. It was, as Sandy puts it, obnoxious.

The thing that brought this to mind today was Sandy's box of chocolates because A.F. enjoyed the occasional box of chocolates, as well. On more than one occasion (Sandy worked in that destructive environment for six years), a box would be in the common area in the office. A.F., disliking the overly-chewy caramel-centered chocolates as much as anyone else, didn't want to get stuck picking one of those out of the box. So A.F. would pick up the square candy, poke her thumb far enough into the bottom of it to determine what kind of candy it was, and return it to the box if she didn't like what she discovered. (Apparently there were several kinds she didn't like.) So the next person to come along and pick up a candy either had to check the base of the thing or get a not-so-great surprise when they bit in--thumb indent.

That is obnoxious. She tells me that most of what that employee did was obnoxious. But what makes the thumb-indent-situation gross is the employee's sexual habits. Okay! I'm done with this post. (It's not funny. You can stop laughing at my expense at any point now... )

Naughty woman. I swear, I work hard at promotion for her and she thinks it's humorous to make me uncomfortable.

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