Monday, February 25, 2008

She's Free


I'm supposed to share my fantasy author's life "stuff" here. So, let me just say, Sandy Lender is almost free of a burden I've been watching her carry for far too long. Two burdens, actually. Strangely enough, I know what Oprah is, and I think Sandy's a candidate for the show. Oprah would rip her a new one for the past few months of craziness.

But I'd stick up for her because I love my author. Sandy's doing things I've asked her to do in the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy. And that makes me very happy. Oh, and look...she's bringing me cake. Isn't she great?

Anyway, I'll be sharing more on Burden #1 Wednesday evening or Thursday morning after her meeting with her attorney. Even though the idiot she's divorcing hasn't complied (STILL!) with the things the court has been requesting of him since she filed for divorce 11 months ago and he fled the state 9 months ago, there is a mediation scheduled for Wednesday. We'll see how that goes and I'll report back here.

Burden #2 is in flux because she's trying to get an alcoholic out of her life. It's actually more difficult than it sounds. I'm quite surprised. But she has support in the form of friends all around her, which makes me quite proud of her friends. for the financial burdens of the house and whatnot, that's all still up in the air so I have nothing to report on that end of a writer's life. Sorry about that. Seems some things just have to drag on. But she's got some new posts up over at to help writers with the craft, even if we can't do much with the life today. Enjoy.

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