Monday, February 11, 2008

She's Trying My Patience

And I'm usually a very patient man.

Yesterday, she actually took a day off from work. (Yes, it was Sunday.) But she wasted it doing non-book things!

You see, my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, has been working on her new magazine nonstop for weeks now. Every single day she does something for that magazine, whether it's traveling, writing, editing, putting in a full day, putting in a partial day on a weekend, or some combination thereof. When she finishes with her "work", she'll work on editing someone else's book or reading someone else's book for their marketing purposes, etc. It's starting to really get annoying because I have ideas that need to get into the third book in the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy. There's important stuff here! And I'm being ignored!

The thing that tried my patience yesterday was this sudden sojourn to the car delearship to test drive a car. Can you believe it?!? Now, I knew the spider situation in the current car (which happens to have 172,000 miles on it) was really working on her nerves, but I didn't realize she was seriously going to act on it. So she drove around a couple of cars that had something to do with horses and came back home to bemoan the fact that she has no money and doesn't want to have a car payment. She's worried that the bankruptcy looming in the near future will just take the car anyway, so why not just let the court have the one infested with baby spiders. She'd like to have her Camaro that The Idiot took when he left last summer.

Oh, that's another thing she's spending time and money on. Apparently, The Idiot she's trying desperately to divorce is still dragging his concrete-laden feet. She's told me time and again that I'm a "good man", but she's not so sure that all the other men in the world aren't "complete morons." She figures the attorney fees make a reasonable car payment every month so until The Idiot comes through and provides everything the court has been requiring of him for the past seven to eight months, she can't really tack on another car payment amount. So, once again, being married to an idiot has its downsides. What a shame. I hope this doesn't affect the way she writes the ending of Book III...

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