Wednesday, March 19, 2008

She Asked Me to Revisit the Purpose of This Site, Part I

First of all, my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, asked me to develop this blog to assist with marketing. She is the author of Choices Meant for Gods, the first of three books in the epic fantasy story of Amanda Chariss.

Chariss has been on the run from a madman all her life. When she finally chooses to stand and fight, she finds that she’s wrapped in centuries of prophecy that require her to protect the gods themselves. This site is managed by me, Nigel Taiman, the son of her current benefactor. I once lived on the outskirts of Arcana City on the continent of Onweald, thus am considered an expert on farming, animal husbandry, crop rotation, reading the weather, swordsmanship and keeping my younger brother from getting the family into trouble.

Oh, yes, I'm also madly in love…

For more information about Choices Meant for Gods, you can read the first three chapters for free at ArcheBooks Publishing at That's also where you can order a hard cover, first edition copy with the publisher's 20% discount for your book collection, or download the electronic (eBook) version for less than $4.

To read some excellent five-star reviews of Choices Meant for Gods, visit That's also where you can order a hard cover, first edition copy with free shipping for your book collection. (The eBook is only available through the ArcheBooks site link above at this time.)

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