Thursday, March 27, 2008

She Wants me to Market the Fantasy eBook

For those of you who want to read new fantasy but don't have the funds to pick up Choices Meant for Gods at the local Barnes & Noble, Fantasy Author Sandy Lender has your answer. Download the pdf from the publisher's site for only $3.99 at

I highly recommend CMFG because it's the story of my amazing warrior bride-to-be, Amanda Chariss, and the trials she goes through dealing with an oh-so-arrogant god whom I think she should just dump by the side of the road. I'm telling you, this deity is not worth her time, yet she thinks she has this responsibility to protect Him just because some prophecy they found foretells it. It's crazy. She has enough trouble trying to keep herself alive with some lunatic sorcerer chasing after her...and does her god-charge seem to care about that? Not at all!

You know, Sandy promised me she'd make life easier on Chariss if I helped with book marketing, yet I'm looking through the pages of Book II, and I can't really see how life is getting easier. I don't think this bargain is working out right...

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