Wednesday, March 5, 2008

She's Playing Favorites

When marketing with the Internet, one aspect of generating an audience is increasing the number of visitors to your blog site. An avenue of increasing traffic that my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, has not pursued yet is exchanging the "favorite" status at Technorati with other bloggers.

The site at is a free network where bloggers register their blogs and receive information, HTML code, ideas, etc., to use with their blogging technique. Sandy visits it from time to time (as time allows, she says), but would like to make use of the "favorite" tool.

If your blog is registered with Technorati, as Nigel Presents Sandy Lender and Today the Dragon Wins are, please let us know that you'd like to exchange favorite status with us and we'll do so to increase our marketing and promotion power. You can click on the link I've provided at the bottom of this blog page to get you there easily. Sandy provided one at the bottom of as well.

Best of luck to you in your marketing efforts!
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