Saturday, March 1, 2008

She Hasn't Repressed This One, Careless Memory #7

A Glimpse into a Writer's Life

I have stated in one of these glimpses into a writer's life that when my fantasy author, Sandy Lender, was in high school, she didn't date much because she wasn't allowed out of the house except to go to school and get back home. But, again, she certainly had her "fixations." Here's an example. (And I'm not sure I can believe she's letting me share this…)

There was a fellow in the marching band (and at this point I'm supposed to acknowledge that, yes, she realizes this marks her and everyone else in the story as a nerd, but I'm not sure I know what a "nerd" is) whom she found quite attractive. He'd been to England in the foreign exchange program (Wait. What does that mean? What did your country exchange for him? Ohhhh…I get it now) and returned with a British accent. (Okay…you know what…just give me a minute to get all these colloquialisms figured out because I have no idea what I'm writing here.)

I get it now.

Jason was his name. Jason had returned from England with an accent that all the girls found quite charming, including my little author. But she was just a sophomore and he was a senior (two years older than she) and she wasn't sure how to go about "approaching" said senior. So she plopped a very particular flower with a note in a bag (so no one would see what she was doing) and placed it next to his trumpet case before band practice. Clever, if you ask me. A little on the "stalker" side of things, but clever, none-the-less.

Along comes the end of band practice and she positions herself close enough to hear the reaction, which, luckily, is pleasant surprise. But her courage failed her and she did nothing more. (Silly girl.) At lunch time, her friend Julie gave her one of those sly smiles that girls are so good at and said, "So, you gave Jason a flower, did you?" Imagine Sandy's complete horror. (She tells this part really well. You'd die laughing if you could see her act it out.) Sandy demanded to know how Julie had figured this out. Did anyone else figure it out? How could anyone know? And, most importantly in high school politics and social maneuverings, did Jason know? Turns out, Julie figured it out because Julie (valedictorian of their graduating class, by the way) knew that pink carnations were, and still are, Sandy's favorite flower. Not so clever of my little author.

And then Julie told Sandy the crushing news that Jason already had a steady girlfriend so she didn't pursue him any longer.

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