Saturday, May 12, 2007

She Bought This Wine

Sandy Lender is just "tickled," as she puts it, over this wine she bought. It's for a basket she's making to donate to a charity auction at DragonCon, a conference she wants to speak at over Labor Day Weekend (whatever that is) in Atlanta (a city about 10 hours from here...oh, I should say 10 hours driving like a fiend bent on attending a John Taylor event...what on earth? Is anyone going to understand any of that? I didn't think so.)

Let me begin again.

She bought a bottle of California wine, which I am to understand is comparable to the lesser Bellan wines of my society, to put in a gift basket along with a copy of Choices Meant for Gods, one of the cloth Choices Meant for Gods bags, a bookmark, a pen, a deck of cards like the ones Henry and I played in Bellan, and this dragon necklace that becomes a knife. (Not really a children's item.) She's then donating the basket to the DragonCon officials to place in their silent auction to raise money for a charity in Atlanta. I don't remember what charity she said it was and she's wandered off again... But if you attend DragonCon this year, you can bid on the basket and do something good for a local entity.

But the bottle of wine is what she wanted me to post about because it's called The Seven Deadly Zins. She laughed out loud in the store when she saw it and grabbed it off the shelf as if someone else might snatch it up ahead of her. The label reads as follows:

Schulenburg's vines, grabby with GREED,
Embrace Lodi's soil, to drink and to feed.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Secure in its strength, weathered with PRIDE,
Standing like soldiers, the forest of Snyde.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Hearts filled with LUST, ole Maley's trees,
Court Lodi's sun, and flirt with its breeze.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Good Bishofberger did raise some GLUTTONOUS beasts,
Vines fattened like turkeys before Thanksgiving feast.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Who wouldn't be ANGRY, with the vines of Lauchland?
Snubbing all others, right where they stand.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
SLOTHFUL and lazy, Manion's old flock,
Descended from the most selfish of stock.
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
Ferrero's fine ladies, the ENVY of most,
A harem like that, who wouldn't boast?
Oh Lord, forgive me my zin.
With the tilt of a glass, I commit seven zins,
Oh Lord, with your help...I'll do it again.

Seven of Lodi's Best Growers gave their souls to produce this one of a kind sinful blend of seven old vine deadly zines. Indulge!

Vinted and bottled by Michael and David Phillips, Graton, California

(She's back and she's laughing at it again. I don't understand any of it. Accept maybe the envy... Why does she think Pride should have been listed first?)

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