Sunday, May 27, 2007

She Doesn't Usually Startle that Easily

But I think I caught my fantasy author falling asleep at the wheel. Sandy Lender was sitting at a traffic light, which is when she prefers me to appear with an idea for the sequels to Choices Meant for Gods because it lessens the chances of her driving into a ditch (or into another vehicle). So I drift in, notice that she's not paying attention, lean over to the driver's side of the vehicle, and quietly say, "Hey, are you awake?" I swear, she jumped a good foot in the air.

Oh…she's not just censoring this…Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a guest blogger at Nigel Presents Sandy Lender today. Take it away…

Good morning. I apologize for usurping the blog, but I have to explain this one. I'm sure Nigel has stated that he's my muse, and he appears with ideas for me all the time. He appeared with a fantastic idea to use in Book III while I was sitting in traffic, but I wasn't really "awake" and he startled me. So, yes, I reacted when this idea came into my head, and I'm sure the other drivers thought I was nuts, jumping and flailing my arms about as if someone had pinched me, scrambling for my notebook and pen to get everything down on paper before it left me. But, for any ladies reading the blog today, can you really blame me for reacting sharply when the sultry Nigel Taiman leans over and whispers in my ear? Good Lord.

Ahhh…I have nothing more to say on that subject…
I'll post information on the Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour next. (No, men do not blush. You're imagining things.)

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