Wednesday, May 2, 2007

She's Going to New York

I've never seen anything so insane in my life. And I've seen some pretty crazy young ladies come to the school at Arcana, let me tell you, but this...this takes the prize. She left a voice mail message for one of her friends back in Kansas City - one of those cryptic messages saying "I need to know what you're doing June 17." And when Jennine called back, Sandy Lender was in the precarious position of driving a moving vehicle and talking about a Duran Duran concert at the same time. Now, why should this endanger anyone, you ask? Oh, just let me tell you, I nearly jumped out of the car more than once. She's out of her ever-loving mind.

The woman was screaming. Screaming! About getting tickets to a concert.

I don't understand.

Suffice it to say, Sandy is very excited because Jennine is buying her a ticket to a Duran Duran show on her birthday. Now she just has to find a way to get to New York, which isn't exactly going to be easy considering she's losing her home to foreclosure at the moment. I've had that process explained and it sounds like a financial nightmare. But she's riding a wave of euphoria right now that can't be be's kind of humorous to watch.

She's already written down the name and number of a book store she wants to contact to see if she can do a signing for Choices Meant for Gods while she's up there. She rattled off something about writing the trip off on her taxes if she did a signing or two while she was in the city and then went back to screaming the lyrics to a song I couldn't understand...I suppose I'll let you all know if she gets the signings booked.

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