Wednesday, May 23, 2007

She's On Tour

Well, she's out and about. My post Sunday didn't "take" so I failed to update you all on... (What? Well, I did fail to let them know.) Oh, isn't that kind? Sandy tells me it's not my failure but the blog's if my post didn't upload. Well, be that as it may, here's the more current schedule for the Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour. Sandy Lender is staying busy bringing you all information about my bride's story.
I think that's just fine.
Today's tour stop is an online author chat at and it starts at 9 p.m. eastern, so (What? What does 'hop to it' mean? Well, why did you say it if I can't tell them to hop to it? Just let me type this. I know what I'm doing.) The chat should be entertaining because I can tell she's in a "mood." She was talking about vampires with some paranormal romance people earlier.
As you can see, the first two dates of the online book tour are past, but I want to include them in this post so you can see the hosts who were so kind as to support Sandy Lender and the epic fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods in this promotional push. A few of the hosts are conducting contests through which you can win an autographed copy of the book (You've got to be kidding. You sign the thing and send it to them? Oh, how big is your head swelling over that? Ow!) instead of shelling out $29.99 on Amazon to buy it. (Oh, I'm supposed to tell you Amazon offers free shipping. Look, do you want to just type this yourself?) But if you aren't one of the lucky winners like Wanda Mallet from The Wolf Never Sleeps blog yesterday, you can always get your copy at, which is the publisher's site where you get a 25% discount off the cover price. Or you can go to and get the free shipping from Amazon.
Here are the tour dates:
5/21 Blog Int. BooksOffBroadway site
5/22 Blog Int. The Wolf Never Sleeps
5/23 Online Chat (9 p.m., eastern) Marcus Williford Blog
5/24 Blog Int. Sabbath's Room
5/25 Guest Blog
5/28 Blog Int. Dee Owen
5/29 Blog Int. The Book Pedler
5/30 Blog Int. Charlene Leatherman
5/31 Blog Int.
6/1-30 Site Presence Blogging Authors
6/4 Blog Int.
6/5 Blog Int. Blogging Authors
6/6 Blog Int. A Novelist Speaks
6/7 Blog Int Reading Rucker
6/8 Blog Int. ArcheBooks Blog
6/11 Blog Int. Charlene Leatherman
6/12 Blog Int. Raven Bower
6/13 Blog Int.
6/19 Blog Int. Bewitched By Books
6/22 Blog Int. My Writers World
6/25 Pick Six Ambasadora
6/26 Blog Int. The Polebarn
6/28 Online Chat (8 p.m., eastern) Cassidy's Chat Room
7/1 Author Int.
7/2 Blog Int. Raven Bower
7/3 Author Day
7/10 Blog Int. Karina Fabian's Virtual Book Tour Site

We hope to see you at as many as you can attend.
All my best to you,
(What's wrong with signing it that way?)

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