Thursday, May 17, 2007

She Explained Once What Bombs Are

Sandy has this friend who lives in what you would assume is a quiet part of town. A lot of old people live in this town - they don't get too rowdy. But her friend, Robyn, happens to have one neighbor who apparently has some "issues." That neighbor is on the news tonight.

So poor Robyn is on her way over to hang out and watch the news in a house that isn't likely to blow up. Now, I didn't realize exactly what this meant. Sandy swept into the house looking a bit harried and said something to the effect of "must wash the dishes before Robyn gets here" before scurrying into the bedroom to put away her laundry from last night. So I was relegated to dish-duty. (I swear, the things I do in the name of keeping "the fantasy author" happy... ) Anyway, the problem, it appears, is that Robyn's neighborhood is inundated with police, firemen, bomb squad officers, and news crews because a man has been assembling bombs in his house there. So I asked Sandy why a simple, everyday person would have a bomb. I mean, I've seen information about these things on television, and they sound like things governments control, and they sound complex, and they sound terrible. I wanted to know how a typical member of society would get hold of one. Turns out the components to make them are easy to come by.

Your society is pretty screwed up.

How efficient you are at killing one another. It seems such a shame to have these devices in existence. I've asked her to keep them a secret from the players in the war in my world, and she merely disappeared into her closet to hang up her clothes.

That makes me nervous. And it makes me want to keep her happy so she'll do what I ask of her when she gets back to Book III of the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy. She's been so focused on the online book tour* and marketing for Choices Meant for Gods (Book I) and book signings and editing Book II that I've not seen any progress on the completion of the storyline. Again, I feel nervous. With all the turmoil and upset in her life, I don't want her aggravation with various members of the opposite sex to influence her the wrong way in the culmination of Amanda Chariss's story. (I think I'm about to be censored. She's reading over my shoulder.)

She says I have nothing to worry about. But I don't like the way she said it. (No, I'm not paranoid...I've just been around you long enough to know when you're being devious.)

Again, I'm nervous.

*The online book tour is the electronic marketing push Sandy Lender is making to support the release of Choices Meant for Gods. She'll appear on different host sites on different dates throughout the tour, which runs from May 21 to July 21. I'll list the ones that are confirmed so far below, but I'll post the official launch of the tour Sunday evening with some other special announcements. Note that the Wednesday, May 23, date is not an author interview, but an online author chat at the Williford blog, and you'll need to register for that ahead of time. (It takes all of five seconds. I've done it to participate in the author chat with Jamieson Wolf. Fascinating stuff. )
Blog Tour Dates

5/23 (9:00 p.m. Eastern time, online author chat)
5/28 Dee Owen (URL to come)
5/29 (check out the archives for April 24 to see a fabulous review already on The Book Pedler!)
6/1-30 (the site presence all month)
6/5 (the interview)
6/8 (my publisher)
7/3 BrendaWilliamsonsRomanceParty – group site – author day with Sandy Lender

I hope to see you at as many of the sites as you can make it to.
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Jen said...

You're right, Nigel. Our society is pretty screwed up. And so many people think they have the answer on how to fix it but nobody really does, I think.

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