Thursday, May 24, 2007

She's Made This Day All About Amanda

And I think that's great.

You see, Amanda Chariss is my bride-to-be, and I think she's the most amazing woman to grace my world...or this world...or any world Sandy Lender could come up with. I refer to this incredible woman by her given name (or some derivative thereof - like Mandy or 'Manda), but, for the sake of this post and consistency, I'll try to remember to call her Chariss, as everyone else does, for the duration of this article (you are calling these posts articles, aren't you? Yes, Sandy would like me to call this an article. )

Today at, also referred to as The Dragon, our fantasy author posted Amanda Chariss as the Word of the Day, explaining how she came up with 'Manda's names for the fantasy novel Choices Meant (what? oh...sorry) explaining how she came up with Chariss's name for the fantasy novel Choices Meant for Gods. She begins the entry with a definition of sorts, describing my bride in a woefully short and inadequate quip before giving the history of her name. (I hesitate to call it etymology...) Let me use this opportunity to expand on Chariss's description.

Sandy correctly implied that Mandy arrived at the Arcanan estate a bit more "timid" than she needed to be. The woman is power incarnate as far as I can tell, yet she takes some convincing in that area from time to time. It's as if she refuses to believe she's as great as she truly is. Sandy described her as strong, independent, and compassionate. Yes, she is all of these things. But she is also lovely, graceful, caring, kind, and all-around incredible. Chariss can tell a story that makes you laugh right up until the end when she suddenly yanks the rug out from under you, and you literally feel your heart crashing through your ribcage as you fall flat on the floor, ready to weep over the sorrow in her voice. She can light up an entire room like the noon day suns streaming in the windows of the estate with this amazing smile she's got. And when she teases you with some snide little smart remark, she gets this twinkle in her eye that sets the lavender in them to sparkling so that it accents the amethyst on her cheek.

I swear, she's the most beautiful woman I've ever set eyes on. I just can't tell you...

Yet, with all that grace and beauty and that smile that can practically knock me from my feet...and I mean it hits me square in the chest sometimes...when I'm not expecting her to turn it on Yet, with all this grace wrapped up in this beautiful woman, she is lethal beyond compare. I've never seen a man, let alone a woman, draw a sword and have it against an enemy's neck as fast as she does. She can assess a threat and dispatch justice in the blink of an eye. I don't know how the Ungol trained her to use a bow and arrow as quickly as they did, but I don't ever want her pointing one of those things at me. I'll stay on her good side!

Oh, Sandy says I'm rambling. (What? I do not look like a lost puppy.) Well, before my fantasy author taunts me any further, I suppose I should end the "description" portion of my article and let you all know where you can hear/read more about my lovely bride. Today, Sandy Lender appeared at, which is run by her friend Marilyn Morris. Marilyn asked some great questions and one of the followup questions from Jamieson Wolf dealt with female protagonists in fantasy literature. I agree with both Jamieson and Sandy that strong female characters are intriguing and I hope to see more of them in the fantasy genre of the future. And since Sandy is so distracted with marketing, why, I'll be around for decades helping her market as the remainder of the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy is released. (Hey, I'm just callin' it as I see it. Hm? I got that phrase from you. I agree, I've been in this society too long. You can send me back to 'Manda at any time you wish, my dear.)

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, Friday, May 25, to read not an interview, but the fun little story of Sandy's pitch session that got the contract for Choices Meant for Gods. There's even commentary from her publisher included.

Have a lovely evening, and, if you're so inclined, lovely dreams of Amanda Chariss.

Nigel Taiman

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