Saturday, May 19, 2007

She Took me to this Lizard Place

I'll be blogging (that word still disturbs me, even after all this time) about Sandy Lender's online book tour tomorrow, but I wanted to mention her book event from this evening before. It was in real-life, as she puts it. She ended up with a migraine from it, but neither of us can tell if that's because she got less than two hours of sleep last night, because she stressed out getting lost on the way to the venue, or because she was absent-minded enough to eat something with mushrooms on it while she was there. I think it may have been a combination of all of the above and I've told her to go to bed. I have the computer, anyway.

But the book signing event at Leapin Lizards was as she expected, calm and composed. She got to eat dinner (first shocking moment for me - I don't think I've seen her sit down and eat in a week) with local artist Megan Kissinger, who visitors may remember is the talented young woman who created the map of my fair land of Onweald for Choices Meant for Gods. Sandy also learned from fellow ArcheBooks Diva Prudy Taylor Board, author of Murder a la Carte, that the Cape Coral Breeze did run the press release about the event, so that's two newspapers she can confirm gave them "free ink." (Just what does that mean?) In my society, newspapers aren't all the rage they were here a few years back. We have bulletins that are written up on parchment, but the Dreorfahn Army is burning the forests that are used for paper production at such a rate we go...she's censoring me. She thinks you visitors will be frustrated by the allusions to places and elements from Choices Meant for Gods if you haven't already read the novel. So...let me inform you all that you can brush up on your knowledge of these words by reading the Word of the Day entries at for the duration of Sandy's online book tour, May 21 through July 21, because each WOD will focus on a word or phrase that finds its root in Old English, Duran Duran, Greek mythology, Latin, etc. You could also brush up on your knowledge of these words by reading the book. It's available at

As I was saying a moment ago, newspapers aren't a source of communication in my society, and Sandy says they're nearly impotent here as well. (Ahh, that's why we do so much marketing all comes together now.)

She's taken one of her migraine pills so I think I'm going to go stuff her into her bed before she drops somewhere in the house. I'll share all the details of the blog tour tomorrow.

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