Saturday, May 26, 2007

She's Taking the Day Off

Fantasy Author Sandy Lender is taking a nap. Believe it or not, it's the middle of the day, Saturday, May 25, and she's had all she can do for the week. The Choices Meant for Gods Online Book Tour is going very well, and I'm as proud as I can be of everyone involved. Let me give some much-needed credit to the first five tour hosts so far:

Michelle Weston of
Jamieson Wolf of
Marcus Williford of
Marilyn Morris of
Alison Kent of

These five individuals have been instrumental in making Sandy's online book tour a smashing success so far. From cross-posting to e-mail messages to comments on blogs to a contest winner to a fascinating author chat Wednesday night to impromptu discussion in writers' groups to cut-and-pasted interviews on other sites, this tour is generating remarkable interest for Sandy Lender, Choices Meant for Gods, and the hosts who have volunteered their time and "space" to be co-promoters so far. I look forward to posting next week's valuable co-promoters in an article tomorrow. (And may I just state that I didn't think an online book tour would be worth the effort until Sandy got it off the ground? This is remarkable.)

So it's a joy to see her exhausted for good marketing purposes, but I'm sorry to say this means she's not writing at the moment, but passed out on top of her bed looking like something I pulled up off the beach. Oh, wait, I did pull her up off the beach. That's where I found her this morning doing her weekly sea turtle patrol. I guess that's part of "taking the day off." And because she's in there asleep, I won't get censored if I tell you more than she deems appropriate. Personally, I think the point of an author blog or author journal is to let you, the reader, learn more about the author. That's a little difficult if the only thing I'm allowed to tell you is the size of the spiders she kills...

She would probably be pleased to announce that she's lined up additional dates on the blog tour/online book tour and will be posting those at each week as relevant. I'll post them here as well.

Now I believe I'll track down Henry and find out when he plans to get his blog under control.

All my best,
Nigel Taiman

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