Saturday, April 28, 2007

She Wouldn't Let me Stab the Policeman

I found it incredulous that she got pulled over last night. She was on her way to what I consider a ridiculous job (but she says it's easy money) selling tickets to some loud sporting event (more on that later). She was merely sitting at a traffic light doing nothing. Nothing. The vehicle was not in motion. So how does one get in trouble with the law when one is not doing anything?

Thus my desire to run the sword through the officer who pulled her over during rush hour traffic. I think he just wanted to stare at her chest, which he spent the entire interview doing, which, again, she wouldn't let me stab him for.

Turns out her left brake light is out. So I'll be assisting her in changing a brake light, as if cars in your society are something I have any knowledge of. But she didn't get a ticket for the brake light. She got a "warning." What she got a ticket for is having a seven-year-old moron put the wrong registration on his Camaro so she has the wrong registration on her Saturn. As it turns out, the officer must have been impressed with her chest because he should have had her Saturn towed away on the spot for improper registration.

Interesting turn of events, I'd say.

I'd still like to run a sword through him.

Now. Not only do I get to learn how to change a brake light in a Saturn, I get to stand in line at the DMV (Department of...oh...she tells me you all know that the DMV is the Department of Motor Vehicles) while she gets new registration stickers for both vehicles. Then I get to stand in line at the courthouse while she convinces them that the vehicles are registered properly so she can get the ticket waived.

Your society is pretty screwed up when illegal aliens (why are they called aliens?) can drive with five people piled in the front of a dilapidated pickup truck, none of them wearing a seatbelt, but the girl in the Saturn next to them gets pulled over for having a brake light not working properly. Sandy says it's reverse racial profiling caused by the Liberal Left scaring our Civil Servants into protecting the wrong people. Again, I'm a little confused by it. If I were emperor, I'd have pulled the dangerous vehicle off the road and impounded it. (The correct word is "impounded," right? Oh, look, she's brought me cake again. How kind.)

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