Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Neighbors Can't Hear Her Scream

So Sandy returned to the house after dark this evening, which I assumed would be the case because she turned on the porch light before walking out the door earlier. This attracts bugs, which attracts frogs, which she seems keen on. Unfortunately, this evening, it attracted something more sinister than a frog. And I wasn't here initially when she returned...

You think I would know the difference between a "the-biggest-spider-I've-ever-seen-is-blocking-my-path" scream versus a "there's-a-true-threat" scream. (Oh, of course, I'm getting a lecture on that one. "True threat" is in the eye of the beholder? As the teenagers say: Whatever.) I've been a constant resource for her during the writing of Choices Meant for Gods so I've been around for several spider episodes and the "I-cannot-believe-that-freaking-scorpion-just-stung-me" episode and even the "black-panther-at-the-window-one-early-morning" episode (and if you haven't heard that one yet you're in for a treat).

What disturbed both of us tonight is none of the neighbors came to the rescue. It's dark outside and a woman is screaming. Shouldn't that garner at least moderate interest? And it's not that none of the neighbors care. Sandy has a fantastic couple living across the street who are wonderful people who would give the very shirts off their backs to help out a friend in need. This leads us to believe her shrieking went unheard (which boggles my mind). She says this is probably for the best because she's rather embarrassed about it and a Budweiser will settle the whole matter for her.

I'm pretty sure she's joking...

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