Sunday, April 15, 2007

She's Writing a Letter

So there was this program on television that she actually took the time to watch this evening. It represented half an hour out of the time she should have spent on marketing or writing or blogging or finishing off these blessed press releases so she can get back to writing. No, she sat in front of the television watching some program about sea turtles. Have I mentioned here that she already knows about sea turtles?

Anyway, the program was a boring nature documentary that showed the trials and tribulations of a solitary loggerhead turtle (apparently, there are seven different kinds of sea turtle in the oceans, all endangered or threatened) traveling 9,000 miles to get to her natal beach to lay eggs. Toward the end of the program, Sandy burst into tears because the first turtle that the film makers tracked made it across the ocean almost to her goal...

...and drowned in a shrimp trawler's net.

As Hollywood has trained the film makers to do, though, the editors had a second solitary turtle being monitored by a second crew. That turtle made it to the shore and deposited her eggs. I figured this would make my author happy. Instead, she's writing a letter of "extreme protest" for lessening the impact of the commercial fishing industry and the horrors it visits upon the oceans by delivering a happy ending instead of the original ending.

I swear, her fixation with reality makes me nervous. I really must sit down with her and discuss the sequels to Choices Meant for Gods to be sure she's treating all the characters (particularly Amanda Chariss) as kindly as possible. Sandy Lender may think there are no happily-ever-afters in real life, but I'm lobbying for one in the trilogy.

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