Monday, April 23, 2007

She Wants Something

I swear, all women do this, even women authors. They get this 'I'm-so-sweet-and-dear' look about them and smile at you as if they've never said a harsh word to you in their lives and then ask, "Nigel, can I bring you anything while you're working there at the computer?"

I'm not falling for it.

Turns out Sandy Lender wants me to see what's keeping Henry from getting all his interviews done for the character blog he's "managing" over at Gee, let me guess. Could it be that he's completely unreliable and if she wanted someone to help her promote Choices Meant for Gods she should have just left it to me? I swear. That is my job when I'm in this society, by the way. I think Henry's job is to chase girls...

Now I'm offended by what she's just asked me. No, I don't chase girls while Sandy Lender is off at work during the day. I sit here and dream up ways to promote the story of my bride, Amanda Chariss. Why would I have any interest in any other girl when I have that gem waiting for me back in my world? I think Sandy's lost her mind.

So while she tries to bring me chocolate cake to repair the damage she's just done with her insipid question, let me just share with you all that Choices Meant for Gods is still available as a hard back from ArcheBooks Publishing at the publisher's website at, but also from your local book store (which is, according to Sandy, the most romantic way to buy it), or from the easier or

Well, would you look at this! She really did bring me cake. See, she's a good author after all. Now, if you all will excuse me, I'm going to go tuck her in because she's absolutely exhausted, and then I have some more blogging sites to check out for marketing purposes.

Have a lovely evening, all of you.

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