Sunday, April 8, 2007

She Says It's a Good Day

Sandy explained this society's variety of religions, particularly the one that brings her peace. She is a Christian and believes Jesus Christ is the son of God. Through Him, people gain salvation, and today, people celebrate His resurrection. The story of His so-called trial (which was no trial; if you read the accounts, you'll see He did nothing wrong) and execution horrified me. But the hope given to the world when He arose afterward is unprecedented. I'm amazed.

So today is a good day. You can see her Word of the Day at to join in the celebration.

She says all the crazy drivers from "up north" leave this area after today, as well. That part she hasn't explained very well, but if it means she'll spend less time commuting (look at all this bizarre vocabulary I've picked up in this society - Amanda won't understand half of what I'm saying in the future) and more time writing the Choices Meant for Gods trilogy, then I'm happy about it.

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