Sunday, April 1, 2007

She Can Barely Move

I actually feel sorry for her this evening. I've done this myself: worked in the fields at Arcana in early spring after being away from that type of work all winter so that you wake the next morning unable to lift your body out of bed. When Amanda started training with Mia (a lesser goddess from Mahriket), she had some "issues", as it were. Now Sandy Lender is bemoaning the fact that she elected to change her exercise routine on the same day that she spent three hours on her hands and knees scrubbing the ceramic tile floor in her house. Because she takes this bizarre (and, from what I understand, dangerous) migraine maintenance medication, she can't just pop a painkiller and lay down until the pain goes away.

It's sort of humorous.

Yet I still feel sorry for her.

So that's what my author is doing today--trying to get things done around her house at half-speed. I've suggested more than once that she could sit at the computer to work on the sequels to Choices Meant for Gods and she wouldn't have to try to move at all...

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