Sunday, April 22, 2007

She's The Godfather

Sandy Lender's friend Jeni has a blog at where, today, she's posted an online personality test that gives you a result that matches your personality to a classic movie from this society. Movies are like plays in my society (oh, Sandy says every person reading this post will know what a movie is).

Anyway, rather than get back to work on marketing and writing Choices Meant for Gods materials, Sandy took the time to click through to the test from Jeni's blog and discovered that her personality best matches the movie The Godfather. She found this enormously funny. I have no idea what this movie entails, but Sandy now wants a machine gun to fit her new image.

I can only imagine...

So if you all would like to participate, you can read Jeni's insightful blog post, which Sandy is as pleased as she can be about, and click on the movie test at

Best of luck to you.

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1 comment:

Kiernan said...

Perhaps every person understood what a movie was, but not every character, I presume. Thank you for the description, Nigel.

Be well.

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