Wednesday, April 11, 2007

She Made Business Cards for Him!

I’m completely offended by this. Henry Bakerson shows up here in this society long after I’ve been here helping out, pops in only sporadically to do anything that borders on useful, only has a handful of posts on his blog (all of which Sandy has had to censor heavily—as if she has time for that nonsense—because Henry is a self-professed cad), and she makes business cards for him.

Business cards, I tell you!

She says it’s because people need to get in touch with him for the interviews he does on his blog. (Oh, by the very gods in Mahriket I can’t believe she just asked me to add this.) You can view his blog at

I don’t have any business cards.

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Jen said...

Nigel, I don't mean to laugh but I can certainly understand your indignation. If Sandy won't make you business cards, say the word and I will. They might not be as nice, though.

Nigel said...

You are very kind to offer, but Sandy surprised me by making up for her oversight today. I'm not sure if she intended to make cards for me all along or if this was a mea culpa. (Is that the right use of that term? I've heard it used in this context before...)

Oh, and now we're getting a lecture. Sandy says meaculpa is Latin, and she had intended to make cards for me all along; I just got impatient, it would seem. She also says I need to tell you you're "a sweetheart" and you should have business cards made for Kiernan. I don't agree with the cards part of that: it would imply he's got more work to do.

All my best,

Jen said...

Kiernan doesn't know it yet but his work is far from over. I know you've warned him but I don't think he quite grasps it yet. He thinks I'll be too preoccupied working on his great-great-great-great-grandson's story to find work for him. I think business cards for him would actually be a pretty good idea.

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