Thursday, April 5, 2007

She Has Another Testimonial for me to Post

Don't ask me why we're posting this here before she posts it at The Dragon. I think Sandy's trying to be all chivalrous and save me the time of writing a full article this evening. (She has me prepping some items for Henry Bakerson's blog at because he's a slacker, which I thought she realized since she's the one who wrote him. No, I'm not complaining on the blog again... She can be so testy... )

Anyway. Here's the next testimonial:

"Lender masterfully weaves multi-dimensional characters and an intriguing plot into her addicting fantasy world. Choices Meant for Gods will keep readers turning pages and leave them savoring the epic tale long after they've finished reading it." -- M.B. Weston, author of A Prophecy Forgotten (which is also available now, by the way)

Sandy just popped in (again) to remind me that I need to tell you all Choices Meant for Gods is rising in its ranking on at

Choices Meant for Gods is also available at if you're a member of Barnes & Nobles's savings program (oh, she tells me it's a card of some kind that Barnes & Noble members have).

Choices Meant for Gods is also available at the Borders site if you prefer using some sort of Borders point-rewards-system-thing that I don't understand. You would click on this link:, but, as you can see, they're partnered with Amazon, so, why not just go to Amazon and save on the shipping because Amazon is running a shipping...she's arguing with me again.

Buy it wherever fine books are sold? That's it? Fine.

I'll post a picture of the cover next time. It's very striking.

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