Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Choices Meant for Gods Testimonial

Sandy is ecstatic over the latest testimonial she’s received for Choices Meant for Gods. She has a few of these now from other authors, which I guess is what you’re supposed to have for the back cover of a new book, but now she has one from a fellow who is not only an author, but also a reviewer for a magazine. This means something in your society. I can tell because she’s very excited about it.

Choices Meant for Gods is without a doubt the freshest most engaging high fantasy novel to come out in years and breathes new life into a tired genre. The characters leap off the page and the plot is lightning quick and deftly written with many layers that tease the mind and imagination. Choices Meant for Gods is not a mere novel; it is a gorgeous piece of written art. I can hardly wait for the second book!”

Jamieson Wolf, Linear Reflections
Author of Hope Falls, Electric Pink, Electric Blue, and Garden City

I’ll post (it is “post,” isn’t it?) some of these others she has over the next few weeks.

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